Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pizza Pie

Charlottesville pizza joints number 19 in the recent Hook Annual Manual. One of the 19, Bambina's, used to be on the Corner but is now a sub shop. The list could use some updating and editing.

One of Charlottesville's best pizza by the slice place is Christian's. It easily may be the best, but I haven't tried every one. Then again, there don't seem to be that many. In the town center, I count Christian's, Vita Nova (awful, see below), Pizza Bolli (try again), and Cassella's as the in town pizza by the slice options.

Tonight at Christian's the line was out the door and in this larger eatery, that's quite a wait. Still, nothing beats a slice of cheese with oregano and hot peppers. Their complimentary water comes with a lemon or lime. This to me makes the perfect snack.

I mentioned Pizza Bolli before in the earlier Christian's post. My opinion hasn't changed. This place didn't make the Hook 19.

If a slice of cheese is the best way to judge a pizza place, Vita Nova also has to get poor marks (also not on the list). On the DTM in the building with the strangest facade, the one with the elevator tube, their slice of cheese was too crispy on the top, and the excessive cheese didn't hide the doughy bottom crust. Skip it if you have the patience to wait in a long weekend Christian's line.

The list of 19 includes establishments best described as Italian, and they do get double billing in that section. For example Al Dente, Brick Oven, Carmello's, Ragazzi's (ugliest restaurant award), and Sal's are clearly Italian restaurants. They may have pizza on the menu, but they aren't pizza places.

For the whole pie Anna's Pizza #5, Dr. Ho's, and Mellow Mushroom rock. Hopefully I'll have more to say about them in the future.

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