Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Nook

Recently the Nook (at least within the last six months) was renovated. The 1951 exterior, the restaurant's greatest asset, remains the same. The inside was renovated and an outdoor seating area has been added.

One West Main Street restaurant sports a neon "Get in Here" sign; The Nook should replace their "since 1951" sign with one that reads "Don't eat here". If coleslaw is any indication of a diner's worth, avoid the nook unless desperate. The coleslaw was storebought and sour. The BLT was tasty, but the fries were cold and the veggie burger was hardly thawed. With so many options on the DTM, appreciate the retro exterior, but keep moving.

415 E Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 295-6665

1 comment:

stu said...

I love comments like "The cole slaw was store bought" If it was sour, ok, but we make it and I eat it regularly. Joyce and Maria have been making cole slaw at the Nook for over 15 years.

Give it another try, I think you'll find restaurants improve with age, your meal must have been consumed in the first six-eight weeks we were open.

I'm happy for any/all feedback.