Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pee Wee's Pit Barbecue

Oh my god. This stuff is amazing. On Valley Street in Scottsville, currently undergoing a roadway renovation, lives a damn good BBQ restaurant. I'm not sure if this place is linked to a restaurant of a similar name in Blacksburg. The platter includes a Memphis style pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw and two sides. The potatos are popular and it's obvious why. What's in these? Even my mom's don't taste this good. I opted for the bacon beans, but the Mac 'n cheese is apparently the other favorite side.

Pee Wee's is looking to franchise and has the opportunity to please a lot of Central Virginians. The serving sizes won't make them any thinner.

485 Valley St
Scottsville, VA 24590
(434) 286-7744


Potr said...

I always appreciate when some had found something the like. But may I correct you? What you had was not BBQ. It was braised pork in sauce! Real BBQ is cooked low and slow with smoke not in a crock pot cover with a condiment. I am a certified BBQ judge a. I have competed in Nc. Kansas Wv., Nj ,Va Penn. Md and have won in all states. I have won and much more!.Alsothe Va state BBQ Championship x 3. I know BBQ , this is not bbq.

Anonymous said...

cog, you are right!! obviously this so called "judge" doesnt know good food!

Anonymous said...

Barbecue Boy! I can recognise your slandor anywhere! How's business in Belmont? May God bless you as He has me.

Anonymous said...

Whatever style, this is THE BEST home cooked food around !! I can't find it anywhere else !! I can't get enough of Pee Wee's Pit BBQ!