Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jinx’s Pit Stop

Once I spent an early weekend morning at the Collier’s towing lot. I was met by an overweight man outside who after finishing his coke crushed the can in his hand and threw it on the ground. I followed him into the house-turned-office where he generated a receipt. He just as easily could have led me into Jinx’s barbecue joint.

Once you cross the threshold you see everything there is to see. There are two booths and a stale tobacco smoke smell. The walls are covered with old tin signs, newspaper clippings, photographs. There are VHS videos and books in an old display case.

It’s a one man operation, a pit in the backyard, smoking away. I don’t think the experience of it can be separated from the food, pulled pork sandwiches on white bread. The cole slaw was excellent. It’s worth the trip, just don’t wear your nicest coat.

1307 E. Market Street

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