Sunday, November 18, 2007

Henley's Orchard

This delightful, non-touristy (opposite of Carter's Mtn.) orchard offers great apples and peaches when in season. Being mid-November the harvest is basically over, but there were still some Granny Smith on sale, perfect for a Thanksgiving apple pie. (There was no one to collect the money, so a note with cash had to do.)

There are piles of old apple crates from all over the eastern United States if you look at the names, but they're not for sale.

Mr. Henley was a spokesman for the Albemarle Pippin in a previously referenced Daily Progress Article.

Between Henley's, Mount Air Farm (organic meat), Our Lady of the Angels Monestary (mail order Gouda), and White Hall Vineyards, all within a few miles of each other, quite a meal could be devised. To get to Henley's, put 1917 White Hall Road into Google Maps or head to White Hall and follow the signs during apple season. For more info on the other enterprises try White Hall's web site.

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