Saturday, December 8, 2007

Foxfire Farm

Buckingham County sounds much farther away than it is. Passing over the James River at Scottsville brings this faraway place closer. Foxfire Farm invites all in the run-up to Christmas for cut-your-own trees and home-made wreaths. A stand of Scotch Pines around back of the wreath factory barn and parking area offered great views of the mountains.
Beside Scotch Pines, there are Douglas Firs, White Pines, and Norway spruces. Once the tree was felled (saw provided) and carted (also provided) into the barn, the staff packaged it up and helped us secure it to the top of the Honda.
With slight trepidation, the smallish Scotch Pine made it back to Charlottesville atop our car without a hitch.

It's not the only Christmas Tree farm around, but this one visit will keep me going next year. If only they had spiked nog. For more info including a map visit Foxfire Farm.

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