Sunday, August 12, 2007

Java Java

With two locations on the downtown mall (top) and along Ivy Road (with Subaru Outback and Porsche), Java Java serves up coffee for serious people. This is a working coffee shop, as opposed to the Mudhouse, which is really for hanging out. The DTM location is arranged into multiple echoey rooms that discourage raucous conversation, while the Ivy Java Java (above) is one big room. A laptop seems to be necessary for entry at both locations. The free Wi-fi encourages this arrangement. Not for getting to know someone on a first date, Java Java serves the needs of those entering the final push before finals or drafting TPS reports.

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Anonymous said...

hAD NOT BEEN TO C'VILLE FOR YEARS. got into town just as a drenching rain came so waited it out in The downtown location. The double expresso was very good and expertly made by the owner showing the girl the ropes also had a hot tea took a seat at the window all and all a very nice place