Saturday, January 5, 2008

South Street Brewery

Where do you get a good pub burger downtown? This may be the answer. Miller's is a little too greasy spoon; Horse and Hound is a little too fancy. The Nook? West Main?

A singles bar (by design?) with areas for large groups (seating by the fire is best), South Street Brewery brews its own beers behind one of the longest bars downtown. Their beers all have the taste of being unrefined but this is part of their appeal. The Sahti is made like one of beer's progenitors, poured over juniper boughs with the taste of juniper berries. The beer lacks hops which gives it quite a distinctive taste. Their lightest beer is the Hogwaller Kolsch. The J.P. Ale follows in the microbrewery pale ale tradition. Read more about beers brewed locally.

For dinner there is the burger, a carnivore's delight. Satay without the tuna or chicken offers an excellent vegetarian option. The salads are fresh lettuce and veggies and there is a good selection of appetizers.

Along the backwall a playful mural looks down on the booths of diners and the circles of chatting quaffers.

106 W South St
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 293-6550


Anonymous said...

Kolsch, not Grolsch.

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