Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beta House No More

Discussed in multiple recent articles (here's one from The Hook with pre-wrecking ball photo), the Beta or Compton House did come down despite concerns and a few protests from community preservationists. Now there is room for a planned graduate student center. The wheels of progress?
Check out some more pre- and post-destruction pics here.


emory said...

Dear cogwheeler-

Thanks for posting this picture, a few more available at:

I can't agree with your characterization of all the work done by local preservationists as "concerns (hardly protests)".

Dan Bluestone, Brian Broadus and Aaron Wunsch, among others, worked tirelessly in efforts to prevent this destruction. They wrote letters, made phone-calls, attended and spoke at government meetings. They talked to everyone that would listen.



cogwheeler said...

Point taken - post edited.