Friday, October 26, 2007

Fox Park Coffee Bar

Behind Baja Bean and in line with the recently opened Black Cat Skate Shop and Kulture (head shop), Fox Park Coffee Bar opened under a blue awning last Wednesday. Having promised its opening since late August, NFC was eager to try the new java offering on the corner. Fox Park joins Starbucks and Higher-Grounds-in-Plan9. As for Fox Park's coffee, it's excellent. The standard cup contains a fair trade Haitian variety, available in light, medium, and dark brews. The espresso drinks also satisfy. A variety of cellophane wrapped pastries are available on the counter. Sitting is encouraged by a row of tables with metal chairs, a counter, and free WiFi. However, the lighting is a bit harsh and the walls currently bare; it needs more clutter. As a place to study Starbucks has its drawbacks (it's Starbucks); Higher-Grounds-in-Plan9 has the booths with free Wifi but could never be called cozy; its smaller space could make Fox Park the best place for reading/studying/caffeine on the corner, but instead, with its front windows, lighting, and metallic touches, it feels like a display case. Radiohead and Ben Folds made some repeat visits to the playlist. The radio (106.1 or 91.9) might be more egalitarian. All this aside, Fox Park's proximity and its amazing (quite caffeinated) product will foster repeat visits, but when I want a cozy spot on a rainy day, I'll travel downtown to the Mudhouse.

1325 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 293-3307

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