Thursday, August 9, 2007

Michael's Bistro

Above Little John's and next to Plan 9, in front of the Satellite Ballroom, whose rear is wonderfully brought up by Thai Curry, is Michael's. The dark steps inside the entrance, warm in summer, especially during this last week, hardly hint at what lies above. A small bar is tucked away in the corner and the rest of the space is on two levels. Up a couple stairs, there are booths along the far wall. The center area is perfect for larger groups. And for those who can wait or are lucky enough there are four small tables on the outside porch that, if weather permitting, are the best seats on the Corner. For the Corner, this is an excellent place for dinner and a drink.

Featured above is a sample of Portobello Napoleon. The bottom layer is potato croquette-like, then portobello, sauteed spinach, all topped with tomatoes and goat cheese. It wins points for presentation.

The bison burger isn't for everyone, but to some it is a much tastier burger. A gourmet cheeseburger always hits the spot when a hearty meal is desired. Frenchfries, check.

Beers here, as remarked upon in an earlier post, are various and wonderful. Now they have the two-hearted IPA on draught (or draft) which wins fans when quaffed. The waiter recommended this over Guinness. I probably would have favored the Guinness, but there's always next time.

Dinner for 2: $55

1427 University Avenue
(804) 977-3697

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Will Jungman said...

By the way, the curry place behind Satellite ballroom is called "Just Curry," and might well be worth a review itself. I'm a big fan of it as an inexpensive lunch place close to my classes.