Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ash Lawn Opera

Hot and humid, two words inseparable in Virginia this time of year, certainly could be applied to tonight's performance, the last of the year. As the performance started at eight, the vocalists began battle with the cicadas, who, by nightfall, quieted.

Two and a half miles past Monticello, the tree-lined lane to the main house couldn't be more picturesque. After a few curves it gives way to a field of cars and trodden, singed grass (this is August in Virginia). Seated in tight rows hemmed in by bushes, the first half presented a recognizable tune and a few budding relationships. The second half occurred while I was riding home. In trotting out an old warhorse, the opera world hopes to win new converts and entertain those who keep coming back. The guy next to me had seen La Boheme nine times. In the end, however, it's not for everybody.

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