Saturday, November 17, 2007


Located on the west end of the mall, across from the ice park, Escafe has been serving up comfort food with a twist since 1995. The outdoor dining is a bit cramped in the warmer months, but then the doors are open to the main restaurant. The indoor restaurant consists of two rooms, one with a long bar and the other with tables and the host/hostess podium. The original pressed tin ceiling still exists.

The online menu isn't currently updated but its a close approximation. I had the salmon on risotto with a lobster bisque and a few spring asparagus. This was a popular choice at the table. The Bogle Petit Syrah 2002 was an excellent choice although mixing reds with fish isn't the recommended combo. Red wine is just better. They were out of the Gran Familia Rioja, the first choice.

The food was good, although a little strained for the prices. Airy and loud, it's a good place to start a night out on the mall or even to get drinks after hours.

227 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 295-8668

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