Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zinc Revisited

A recent meal at Zinc sealed its place as one of the best in-town restaurants, right up there with C & O.

The Spanish grenache served in the restaurant's glass globe cups began the meal with its silky smooth texture. Lacking the distinct language to describe wine, suffice it to say, it was excellent. The Bibb lettuce with mustard vinegarette and chevre salad proved a good beginning for the food. Sampling another diner's steak tartar on a crostini left me thinking that more of the taste came from the crostini than the steak. The frites or chips of the Fish and Chips sustained the tough hangar steak, which purportedly has the tendency to dry out or toughen if not prepared correctly. The toughness of the steak didn't keep me from enjoying it; it just took a few more chews. The fish and chips pleased two of the other diners; the duck l'orange was the winning choice of the table. Dessert saved the meal if there was any doubt. Tonight the special profiteroles in combination with a cup of coffee formed a gustatory party. The Tarte Tatin (gourmet apple pie) with creme fraiche stood as a safe, wonderful bet.

For a better description of the space, see the prior listed post.

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