Saturday, July 7, 2007


Zinc is at least the third restaurant in the converted gas station next to The Main Street Market. As a French bistro the building has found its niche. Food and drink can be enjoyed in three distinct areas. The bar, which features soccer on the widescreen TV, is just inside the entrance, where the Yoohoo and tires used to be purchased. The large eating area and kitchen occupy the old garage. The outdoor patio makes good use of the space between the building and the sidewalk. When the weather cooperates, the large garage doors open onto the patio.

Being a French bistro, more is expected of the cheese plate. The endive, bleu cheese salad, pear, and walnut salad will keep me coming back. No bread was served with the meal but our helpful waitress suggested it along with the mussels in white wine sauce. The salmon on a pad of potatos was cooked perfectly. For dessert, the chocolate mousse was artfully presented. Kronenberg on tap was a nice touch. The wine list is substantial. This restaurant is not as new as a few other West Main establishments (Horse and Hound, Maya), but the good food and friendly wait staff should keep people coming back for a while.

Zinc revisited 11/10/07.

420 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22903

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