Friday, June 29, 2007

Horse and Hound

Maya's neigbor, Horse and Hound, opened for business about a week ago (reviewed here and here). This place is touted as a gastropub. Even the sign sports the fancy moniker. And the sign is downright fancy. It's hard to miss when driving down west main.

Gourmet pub food is the best description. According to the "going places" waiter (as in "he's really going places"), the food is fried in non trans fatty acids (organic chemistry below). What nutritional difference this really makes is not clear. The calamari and fried fish were lighter than usual. Shebeen still has the most gourmet fish and chips wrapped in waxed newspaper. The Belmont, the waiter's favorite sandwich, is a fancy pulled pork sandwich, topped with dry cole slaw. The french fries were excellent. Maybe it's the batter.

There's a large indoor dining room. The bar is separate and features a row of large stools and few high tables. The outside patio is fitted with huge umbrellas which became useful when it started to rain. Compared with the smaller patio at Maya, the tables didn't feel isolated. At the same time we weren't sitting on top of our neighbors. It felt the way outdoor dining should.

For drinks they have a number of specialty beers on tap. The Guinness is the most expensive I've had in Charlottesville ($5.50), but still a good one. With O'Neill's closed for the summer, another place with Guinness on tap is always welcome. Dinner for two: $65

625 West Main Street
Charlottesviile, VA 22903
(434) 293-3365


Coco said...

This place is terrible. The drink list might be its only saving grace.

Anonymous said...

disagree. I loved the choice of foods and the beer selection is great. Good service rounds it off nicely. when my wife is gone to her moms, I always stop by for the ribs and a couple on tap.