Sunday, June 3, 2007

Christian's Pizza

On Sundays Charlottesville slows down. Many businesses are usually closed. The crowds that descended on the Downtown Mall Friday and Saturday night stay home. Today the rains and winds of Tropical Storm Barry and the absence of UVA students C-ville seemed especially deserted. In between the downpours it was the perfect day to walk around the downtown mall.

There are few other places better than Christian's pizza to get a small bite to eat. There are the creperie and Marco and Luca's, but neither serve pizza. Christian's offers one of the few places where you can buy a single slice. Pizza Bolli on West Main also offers single slices but it always takes a while for them to prepare it and it's not very good. Christian's has plenty of pies waiting. The cheese pizzas are never in plain sight but are always available to be thrown in the oven for a warm-up. After treatment with oregano and dried hot peppers (of the pizza restaurant red pepper shaker variety), it's an excellent snack. Today the cheese was a little goopy and the river of orange grease that dripped onto the plate a little excessive, but sitting inside watching the rain come down made it all the better.

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Anonymous said...

Good, pizza when its fresh, However the Pantops location would rather
sell you 4hrs coughed and sneezed on; cold, bottom overcooked tough,
dried up pizza behind the glass, before they would make you a fresh slice.
If you do not get there between 11:30 to 12:30. Plan on eating the description above. Very displeased! Better not toss that old and lose a couple of dollars or a write off. Keep on selling that crap to the I dont know how to speak up and say no! afraid someone will think they are causing a scene because they ask for a fresh slice of pizza. Man you people are hard up!