Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

The smell emanating down the stairs and onto the downtown mall is a mixture of incense, tea, and fragrant tobacco. It only grows stronger to the top of the stairs. Just inside the door rises a plaster tree. The rest of the decor borrows from East Asian traditions. Paper cranes hang in the bathroom.

Food offerings are rife with hummus. The PMT (pesto, mozzerella, tomato) sandwich goes well with any of the beers, at this time Bitburger, Stella, Rogue Dead Guy. The hummus platter is good any time of day. It would take a month at a pot a day to drink all the teas. If Soul Soother was discovered by more people, Tea Bazaar could become a Starbucks-like chain, but of course it wouldn't because the masses aren't clammering for many psychedelic asian tea house hookah bars.

This is the place in C-ville for avant-garde and experimental music. It may only be enjoyed by ten people at a time, but the music events hosted here are a major asset to Charlottesville's hipness. Which reminds me, this is a great place to play hipster bingo.

414 E. Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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