Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chiles Peach Orchard

From late June through August, this is the place for local peaches. Peach picking turns out to be the hotter, more humid, buggier version of apple picking, but the results are no less rewarding. Peach ice cream is available some weekends. There are also sweet cherries (early Junes) and Strawberries (mid-May through mid-June). Other fresh produce is available in season.

To get there, take 250 west. Bear right on 240 toward Crozet. At the four-way stop just past Crozet Pizza, take a left under the train bridge. Take a right on 691 and the orchard is down on the left.

After going to the country to eat a lotta peaches, travelling a little farther down 691 brings you to the few buildings that constitute Greenwood. At the crosswoods there is an antique store where the prices are reasonable and they aren't averse to bargaining.
Chiles also offers amazing strawberries when in season.

If you want to check it out further, Chiles shares a website with Carter Mountain and other local orchards.

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