Friday, December 14, 2007


210 W. Water Street

Either because it lies on a block with many other restaurants or its entrance isn't the most inviting, Cassis gets overlooked among downtown eateries. In the vicinity of OXO, Mono Loco, and Bang, Cassis serves up a "fine dining" experience. Four wines by the glass are available to get things started. Salads, soups, the obligatory calamari, and mussels all serve as excellent appetizers. Come to think of it, mussels almost seem obligatory on downtown appetizer lists. For lighter fare, the chevre and roasted pistacchio salad rocked. The bouillabaisse is enough food for two people. The grouper was perfectly portioned; anything with capers wins my vote. If you're adventurous, there's the venison steak. I neglected to ask how a restaurant obtains venison (farms, local hunters, roadkill?), but I like the idea of it. If it comes from out of state, should we be worried about chronic wasting disease?

The space is large, certainly not cozy, and on weeknights it can seem a little empty. But it also means that Cassis is great for large groups, even birthdays, if you're not already headed to the Melting Pot. Don't look here for that review.

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blognut said...

NFC hating on franchised fondue...I love it!