Saturday, December 8, 2007

Las Palmas Bakery

Along the one-way portion of Carlton Road, a couple blocks from Market Street, a small commercial building is filling up. It will be the future home of a beer store on the upper floor, the side facing the tracks. On the lower floor and "backside" of the building is a store with everything Mexican, a Mexican bakery, and a storefront church. The bakery houses a spare operation. The mixing was going on just behind the counter when we walked in. A loud industrial blender was making one hell of a racket. The baked goods are displayed along one wall and in a case next to the register.
Opting for a simple cinnamon & sugar number, I wasn't impressed. Having been raised on sweeter baked goods, next time I'll head to Spudnuts.

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Patience_Crabstick said...

Yes, the baked goods there are far less sweet than what you'd expect from their appearance. I'm wondering if American taste buds are just used to loads of sugar?