Saturday, August 25, 2007

Christian's on the Corner

Expanding from its 2nd St. SW and East Main location, Christian's joins another 2nd St. SW occupant (Rev Soup) in moving to the corner. By coincedence and the restrictions of available real estate, these two franchises are again next to each other.

Christian's, previously lauded in these posts, replaces Amigo's, a Mexican restaurant that lost out to the less authentic Baja Bean.

According to the woman who waited on me at the Downtown Christian's today, the Corner location opened yesterday, but the above picture seems to tell otherwise. The facade may be one of the ugliest on the corner, the porch a garish color, but if they serve the same pizza as downtown Christian's, they'll have no trouble staying in business.

June 3, 2007 review

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1. 118 W Main St
(434) 977-9688

2. 100 14th St NW
(434) 872-0436

3. 1880 Abbey Rd
(434) 293-6750

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