Monday, August 13, 2007

Continental Divide

The easiest restaurant to ignore on West Main Street, despite the sign, has been in place since 1994. Continental Divide specializes in Tex-mex food and tequila. A narrow, sometimes noisy space, in the style of the Virginian, it can get crowded and waiting for a table is common. Large booths along the wall opposite the bar comprise the majority of the seating but you can also sit crammed along the front window. "Too small, too noisy, too busy, too bad," says the t-shirt.

The Santa Fe enchilada wins for presentation and taste. The Yucatan pork tacos equal pulled pork barbeque a la Mexico. A good list of Mexican beers from Corona on down is available if a margarita isn't what you want. The widely heralded margarita isn't the least bit syrupy; it's just damn good. There is a wide array of tequila available but the house margarita is just fine.

I strongly recommend splitting an entree with someone unless you want to take home half your dinner. The servings are enormous, not to different than Mono Loco. A plate of nachos and a bean and cheese burritos dinner was enough to feed myself and one other.

Price for two: $20-40
Price for three: $35-50

811 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 984-0143


Yoko said...

Divide doesn't accept reservations, don't even ask! The food and 'ritas are worth waiting for.

Cojo said...

And it's "too small, too noisy, too crowded.... too bad."

Ady said...

This is great info to know.