Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Michael's Bistro

Michael's Bistro and Taphouse sits atop the middle of the UVA corner, located above Little John's. The balcony is Michael's greatest architectural asset. Its beer selection remains its greatest culinary contribution. The other night NFC chose a Guinness and a Saxo blonde. The Guinness may seem a safe bet, but outside of the irish pub it is quite a gamble. Convinced it is the frequency of keg changes which is a function of usual Guinness drinkers, a good rule of thumb is not to order a Guinness where the usual customer would settle for a Bud light or Yuengling. As for the Caracole Saxo, this is an incredible beer. Citrus, check. Refreshing, check. Tempted to test the rest of Michael's extensive beer selection, check. Even if all the outdoor tables are taken (there are only four), this upstairs loft space is an excellent location to enjoy a beer and even a bison burger.

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